Basic Funerals FAQs

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Professional Services
Includes the initial call, service arrangements, various clerical duties and the funeral directors' statement of death.
The transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral facility.
Sheltering of the deceased at the funeral facility until time of disposition.


Is Basic Funerals a Funeral Home?

In a technical sense, yes, because all funeral homes in the province of Ontario require a license as an Ontario Funeral Establishment. Basic Funerals and Cremation Choices is a licensed Ontario funeral establishment and what this means is that we are allowed to perform any and all funeral services with our licensed Ontario funeral directors.

What makes us different is that we don’t own and operate a traditional funeral home location. By not having to maintain our own property, we realize significant cost savings that we pass on to our customers. Instead, we conduct our services at beautiful local locations. We are recognized in Ontario as being a leader in services such as, direct cremation, direct burial, and memorial services. In addition, many families are discovering that we also provide the most caring and meaningful traditional funeral services. It is important to note that most funeral homes do not prefer to perform direct cremation and burial services due to the fact that it is a low cost service. Basic Funerals is proud to perform these services for families.

Is this an apples to apples comparison with other funeral services?

When it comes to something like a basic cremation, it is absolutely an apples to apples comparison except for the fact that Basic Funerals makes things much easier and more affordable. When it comes to a traditional funeral service, it’s imperative to understand what is important to you. Is a funeral service in a traditional funeral home as memorable as holding the service in a beautiful location like the Estates of Sunnybrook. In this instance, it is not an apples to apples comparison because the Estates of Sunnybrook would be more elegant and affordable through Basic Funerals.)

Why is your price so much less than other funeral services?

We strive to make our prices as economical as possible and we are able do so by bringing funerals into the 21st century. Through the use of technology, Basic Funerals can serve families more efficiently while also providing those families with convenience. Since many families choose us to provide funeral services, they find our professionalism and care to be beyond their expectations. Please visit our testimonials page to see what families are saying about us.

What’s the difference between a Funeral Home and a Transfer Service?

There are many similarities between a funeral home and transfer service but also many important differences. Transfer services, like funeral homes, have licensed funeral directors working for them. They are able to transfer the deceased from the location of death into their care, and handle all the necessary documentation required to register a death and carry out a burial or cremation. The main difference between a transfer service is that the funeral directors that work for it are not allowed to provide or attend a funeral service or visitation. They are also unable to embalm bodies to prepare them for a funeral or visitation.

Basic Funerals provides the best of both worlds. We provide fully licensed funeral directors who are with you for every step of the process from the moment of death to the settling of estates. We offer everything from simple cremations and burials to the most extravagant services, and by using gorgeous pre-existing locations and a no up-sale policy, we are able to offer affordable prices.