Documentation FAQs

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Registration and Documentation
The preparation of legal documents for the purpose of registering with the Province of Ontario and the delivery of permits and documents as required by law.


What documents am I signing?

In order to carry out a burial or cremation, there a few forms that require a signature from the Next of Kin or Executor. During this stressful time, we want you to know what you are signing, and what they are for.

Statement of Death

This document contains information about the deceased such as SIN, date and place of birth, parent’s information, etc. It is required by the government to register the death and contains information that is used by Statistics Canada. This document requires your signature, or if you sign a Letter of Direction, a funeral director can sign on your behalf.

Cremation Application Form

This document, like the Statement of Death, contains information about the deceased and is required by the crematorium. It is important to read through and understand the important information that is provided about cremation. This form requires your signature for permission to cremate, or in you sign a Letter of Direction, a funeral director can sign on your behalf.

Cemetery Information Sheet

If you are arranging a burial, you may have to fill out a Cemetery Information Sheet for the cemetery. This form contains some information about yourself and the deceased and allows the cemetery to know who you are, who owns the plot and who is buried there.


The contract itemizes and lists all the services that will be performed and their costs. It also lists merchandise that you have purchased and disbursements. It is extremely important that you and the funeral director or transfer service operator sign this document. Without it, we cannot serve your family. Both the family we are serving as well as the funeral home or transfer service require a contract that is signed by both our parties.

Letter of Direction

Basic Funerals is unique because we offer our families the option of working with us over the phone or through email. To do this, we require your signature on a letter of direction. This is a form that allows the funeral director to sign documents on your behalf. By signing the letter of direction you allow us to take care of the documentation for you making the process as easy on you as possible.

Proof of Death Certificate

A Proof of Death Certificate is provided by the Funeral Home and is required for settling estates. We provide 10 Proof of Death Certificates with any service we arrange, and unlimited certificates can be obtained for an additional $50 charge.

Can you tell me the cause of death?

We are often asked to provide the cause of death to the family and unfortunately we cannot. Even if you are the next of kin, if your spouse or loved one dies suddenly or is found deceased, you may not get the answers you are looking for from the doctor. The doctor does provide us with a Medical Certificate of Death, a form required by the government to register the death. Because this is a medical document, it is considered confidential, and it is not accessible to the family. If you wish to obtain a copy of the medical certificate, you may put in a request through the government. You may also require a certified copy of the medical certificate for insurance purposes, and the same procedures apply.

If the death occurs or is registered outside of Ontario, you should ask the funeral director for the correct procedure when applying for a certified copy of a Medical Certificate. They will be able to assist you. It may approximately 6-12 weeks and depends on which government you are applying to.