Prearrangement FAQs

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What happens to my money if you go out of business?

Your money is held in trust at either Assurant Life of Canada or TD Canada Trust to protect you and your funds. The funds are always yours, always portable and refundable.

What payment plans are available?

We have a variety of plans available ranging from 1-20 years. Our prearrangement specialist will work with you to create the payment plan that meets your budget.

What happens if I die before it is paid off?

We have two products available - one pays out only premiums paid in to date, and the other has an insurance component that would pay off the policy in full. There are health questions involved in this product.

Doesn’t CPP pay for my funeral? Why should I prearrange if they do?

The CPP benefit is available most times; however, that payment is not received from the government for approximately 8-10 weeks after the application has been sent in. Payment is required prior to the services being rendered by us, so prearranging the funeral allows your family not to have to pay out of pocket for your funeral.

If I pay cash can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, there is no discount with cash payments.