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"Very clear, rapid online service selection and quotation. Final fee was exactly as quoted. A funeral director was always on call when we had questions. Very professional services rendered with utmost respect for the family and my dear mother. Your condolences web site is amazing, and a great way to communicate about the life of my mother and to share the memories of her friends."

Ross D -

"I liked the 5 day info distribution. Two pages per day was 'do-able'. Unfortunately, due to circumstances I ended up reading most of the stuff after my father passed away. I liked the fact that everything was transparent and that I could get a quotation online with everything itemized. I liked the fact that at the worst time in my life, I could call Basic Funerals for guidance as to the 'next steps' and you were there for me. I liked the fact that so much information is available on your site including frequently asked questions so that I didn't have to talk with anyone until I was ready to accept your services. Having people who could help me over the phone, send me forms online and were willing to come to my house and pick up signed material was helpful at a time when I had so much to do. The staff was professional, caring and always willing to offer reassurance about what was needed and what could wait. Thank you for easing my burden at a tough time."

Maureen K -

"Everything was handled in a timely and courteous manner from the time I made first contact until we were able to pick up my daughter's ashes."

Patricia H -

"I was completely amazed at the ease of doing business with you. It was certainly much faster and easier than we had expected. Every aspect was easy and streamlined."

Gary L -

"All questions and concerns were addressed promptly. Staff were efficient, caring and professional. The company was very flexible with the services that they provided or that we contracted for elsewhere."

Charles S -

"We liked the prompt, courteous and professional advice received from our funeral advisor from Basic Funerals. She was very helpful with all our questions and very professional in all the dealings we had with her. We had our mother's remains back within a few days and everyone was very helpful."

Rosemarie M -

"My two experiences with Basic Funerals was more than I could have hoped for each time, they went above and beyond to help us every step of the way. Their kindness, caring and support was genuine and very much appreciated throughout our sad and confusing time. You would be hard pressed to find a company and people more helpful and caring than the staff of Basic Funerals. I would recommend their services to anyone that is going through the passing of a loved one. Thank you for ensuring that our loved ones were laid to rest with the care, dignity and respect that they both deserved!"

Susan H -

"I found each employee very professional, helpful & compassionate during a sad & stressful time. Although price was not my only criteria, I found Basic Funerals extremely reasonable."

Rae Z -

"I appreciated being able to make all the arrangements without having to leave my home. I did everything online. It was an easy process."

Carolyn F -

"I liked the ease with which I could make the arrangements, the prompt professional response and the clarity of the pricing regime. I also appreciated the quality and service of the Cemetery you contracted with."

Sig W -

"All of the staff I'd spoken with, by phone or email were very accommodating, understanding and professional."

Leon D -

"From my initial phone call I felt confident that all my needs and concerns would be handled. Even though I spoke to several different people everyone was very professional and put me at ease at this very difficult time. All my requests were looked after and the customer service was outstanding. Thank you all so much for being there for me every time I needed something."

Marie F -

"Pay Yourself First - ... I wanted to help her avoid the whole funeral home upselling, the time when people use your grief to make you feel guilty for not getting the $10,000 casket. So yesterday, I went online and arranged Bob's funeral. I couldn't be happier. You just go onto the site and fill out the form ... read more"

Rose Simpson, Ottawa -

"We were so glad that we preregistered both of my parents in advance, so that when the time came, only a phone call was required to put our plans into action. Your kind, helpful staff responded immediately. Someone always answered the phone at any hour to field our many questions. Everything was taken care of for us quickly (and effortlessly on our part)... even government forms and plenty of Death Certificates supplied. We were extremely pleased!"

Ellen -

"Person I dealt with was clear and provided all information. She was sympathetic acknowledging this difficult time but professional and dealt with the task at hand. This made me feel comfortable leaving my loved one in your hands."

Ann M -

"Your service was very efficient and cost effective for my needs. All staff were professional, caring and always prompt in answering all my questions. Everything from the hospital to the cremation was a streamlined process that did not require me to travel to various locations in the City. The service was exactly what I needed in dealing with my husband's death."

Renate R -

"It has been a month since my Dad passed away. I want to thank Basic Funerals for helping me deal with an extremely stressful event from 3,000 miles away in the U.S. Right from the first moment of contact till the graveside ceremony--Basic Funerals was there to help and support me in every way. It didn't matter who you spoke to at the other end of the phone-everyone was very helpful and professional. They handled every detail including flower delivery, venue recommendation and graveside representation. Meeting David the day of my Dad's service was very special and meant so much that he took time out of his busy schedule to be there for me. I will be recommending this company to all my friends when they are in need of a great service provided by professionals at a very reasonable price. Thank you again for what you do and the great way you do it!"

Marie F -

"It was convenient, easy, no stress and the price was better than any other place. All the staff we dealt with were kind and compassionate. They were so efficient and I would recommend this to anyone"

Josie E -

"A sudden death is always the most stressful experience that can happen to anyone especially when it is one's spouse. I could not have expected more, you were expeditious, courteous and kind and I cannot thank you enough for the attention that you gave to me, it took a load off my shoulders. Very professional"

John S -

"Everyone I talked with was very well informed with the complete process and were very aware of the stressful situation these kinds of things usually surround. A well thought out, professional and friendly team that has delivered on every service we needed at the highest level and all for reasonable cost. It is very refreshing to look back on the 'experience' and know that a business is able to provide a no pressure product while ensuring everything is done correctly while still making an acceptable profit to allow them to stay in business. Thank you!"

Patrick Z -

"Basic funerals provided excellent service at the time of our great loss and sorrow there was no pressure. The whole family found the experience very comforting We were so pleased with the lovely St James chapel and the staff were gentle and sensitive. Many of our friends and relatives have inquired about how we found you I would certainly recommend Basic Funerals. Thank you"

Margaret L -

"The people we spoke with at Basic Funerals were polite and helpful. The way that choices were presented made it fairly easy to come up with the plan that best met ours and our mother's requirements. The pricing seemed fair and there were no surprises. Having everything in place in advance meant that it took only a single phone call to get plans moving and that took away a lot of the stress of having to make decisions at a very emotionally sensitive time."

Albert L -

"Dealing with the death of a family member, especially one younger is a very difficult and stressful time. Having to make funeral/burial arrangements adds tremendously to that stress. The staff at Basic Funerals were amazing. They were very compassionate and caring and took care of all the unpleasant details quickly and with class. They were always available by phone or by email to answer any questions and provided needed documentation in a very timely fashion. I sincerely hope that I do not need their services again in the near future but if I do, it is comforting to know there is a company you can count on this most difficult time. Thank you again for helping me and my family through this trying time. Your hard work and kind thoughts were greatly appreciated and we can rest knowing our loved one was treated with dignity and respect on his final journey home."

Donna B -

"I was in the US when the death occurred and I arranged everything with you over the phone and by internet. You explained everything that I needed to know in a clear way. I felt very supported by your staff."

Barbara L -

"I found Basic Funeral Services very easy to use. The Basic Funeral Team made a very stressful situation a little easier to deal with. I would highly recommend your services."

Marisa P -

"Everyone I spoke with over the phone and email were so friendly and extremely helpful. They made the whole experience so much easier to deal with. I would recommend Basic Funerals to friends and family for sure."

Natalie E -

"Upon my father's death, I was next of kin and charged with arranging his finality. My family has used a funeral home for years in the town where they live so my aunt called and booked me an appointment to get the ball rolling with them. When I was presented with the cost of the bare minimum to cremate my dad, I almost fell over. $3900! that didn't sit right with me so I went to the computer and did some research. I came across Basic Funerals and was provided with an exact quote, via email in less than 10 minutes. It was literally $2000 LESS than the "local" funeral home. I immediately booked with Basic Funerals and made arrangements to have my dad picked up from the funeral Home in town the next day. The experience from start to finish with Basic Funerals was as pleasant as one could ever ask for when dealing with death. All of the people I spoke to (Shelby etc.) on the phone were very professional and knowledgeable and picked up the phone EVERY time I called no matter the time of day or night! Amazing. I also received email correspondence in the most timely fashion. Everything was simply presented to me and the process was quick and over delivered. If every company in the world today, ran their business and treated their customers like BF, our economy would be booming! I will be recommending you to everyone (hopefully not for a while though) Thank you"

Justin P -

"Everything was fantastic. Everyone involved were very professional and there to help out in every way - before, during the arrangements, the day of the memorial and afterwards."

Christine F -

"During the initial meeting different options were discussed as how to move forward when a death occurs. We placed a call at 1.30 in the morning and my father was picked up within a few hours. The Mississauga office called to say that the cremation had taken place and who to contact regarding the pickup of the urn. The services provided were correct in every detail. Pleasure to know that someone is looking after our better interests. We also made arrangements for other family members to have Basic Funerals follow through with the same plans for them after their passing."

Gary D -

"Basic Funerals provided exceptional service and attention when my father passed away. The cost is lower, but this didn't result in any corners being cut. In fact, I found the opposite to be true when one of the staff went out of his way to deliver paperwork to my home for signing to ensure there was no delay. A death in the family is never easy, but Basic Funerals made sure that there was no added stress by always responding promptly and graciously."

Yolanta C -

"The process was quite simple. The information provided to me was clear and everything was well explained. The funeral director assisted me by coming to my home to get papers signed and to pick up payment. There were no surprises over the cost of the services provided, as the online quote I received was exactly what I was charged. I would not hesitate to use their services again."

Laura M -

"My father's wish is that we had the simplest service possible. He would rather we spent money on him in life rather than in death. This provided an excellent opportunity for the family to say good bye and not be overburdened with costs. Excellent job!"

Mario V -

"The services were professional, you did what you said you would do and nothing went wrong. It made me feel comfortable that things were handled correctly. Your pricing was excellent for the services provided."

Judy O -

"Everything was seamless and professional. Someone was available at all times for any questions or services that I required. Everyone was friendly and professional."

Lyne M -

"The services that you quoted were exactly what you get for an amazing price. Your staff was very informative and helpful at a difficult time. But most of all I was amazed at the fact that all documents including Proof of Death Certificates were couriered to my home within two days."

Pauline H -

"Everyone was polite and not phony. The process was exactly as I had been told it would be, NO SUPRISES! Anytime help was needed or a question asked the response was prompt and clear. And, of course, the cost was so much less than at a funeral home, but we received everything we wanted, and respect."

Christine B -

"I have never had to arrange any type of funeral before so I was apprehensive to say the least. When I phoned Basic Funerals I spoke with someone caring, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. My husband was terminally ill so this process was a difficult one for me but the staff at Basic Funerals made it so much easier. My husband passed away at home and the service I received was excellent. I was comforted knowing he was in good hands. They did everything very well, professionally and with extreme sensitivity to my situation. The urn I purchased is also beautiful. I liked the fact that I was able to call and get answers without a hassle. I have already recommended Basic Funerals to several of my friends and will be using you for my own arrangements. Thank you for taking such good care of my husband."

Monique S -

"Things were handled quickly and efficiently. From the time of the first phone call to indicate the passing of my father to someone arriving and picking up the body, to the delivery and dealing with death certificates, etc. I had no problems at all dealing with you and your staff."

Richard A -

"From my first contact to the end I felt reassured that the required arrangements would be completed as required. All phone conversations were helpful and genuine concern was evident in the voices of the people I spoke to. As I originally thought, everything turned out exactly the way it needed to. I am grateful for the ease in which these arrangements were made and completed using your service."

Cindy A -

"I only had to make one phone call and everything was taken care of"

William M -

"I had to handle my mother's passing from a few provinces away. From my first call, they put my mind at ease. Everyone I talked to was professional and caring. And thanks to you I've been able to handle all details with confidence and ease. Coming to Ontario totally organized. I would recommend anyone to use basic funeral and cremation choices."

Diana D -

"Everything was clear and basic - an important thing when dealing with the death of a loved one, even when it is expected. I have always been a proponent of the KISS principle, and keeping things easy and straight forward at such a difficult time just makes everything easier."

Fiona H -

"Basic Funerals responded to our request for cremation of our mother with grace and dignity. From my initial contact about a year ago when mother's health was failing to the prompt, courteous and respectful services provided after her death, my wife and I were absolutely amazed by the professional and compassionate staff at Basic Funerals available round the clock - their phone line is answered directly and immediately on a 24/7 basis by a friendly and helpful "person" as opposed to a "machine". Their full range of services available were clearly and simply explained. There was no pressure and no confusion. Basic Funerals operates with a simple and sincere way of conducting business. Their charges are very modest compared to other funeral service options and there are no hidden costs ...prior to using Basic Funeral services the costs are clearly itemized and the "final bill" correlated exactly with the range of services we requested and the initial cost estimate. We couldn't have been more satisfied with the service provided! Basic Funerals truly responds to family needs in an exemplary and cost effective manner. It is indeed a pleasure to endorse Basic Funerals without reservation."

Larry C -

"Everything was smooth and easy. Pat was awesome and because of the circumstances of death was very respectful and honest. Overall excellent experience."

Lucy H -

"The services provided were exactly what I was looking for, when I explained my situation they didn't try and sell me anything more than I asked for, I felt comfortable and not pressured in any way."

Susan H -

"It was easy to arrange, fast and very friendly service, incredibly affordable, customizable for what I needed and wanted, no pushy salesman... Great people to deal with!"

Kim D -

"The services were completed quickly with a lot of thought and I liked how they worked together to meet our special requests. Well managed and very thoughtful and considerate."

Milan D -

"The staff I dealt with were knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and caring. I had one minor problem initially which was handled very well and resolved quickly, in a professional manner. We were treated with respect by everyone. Questions were answered promptly and efficiently and with understanding. I'm sure I asked the same questions when Mum's funeral was pre-arranged, then at the time of need, but they were always answered patiently and clearly. All staff that I dealt with were amazing!!!"

Christine D -

"You guys were very easy to deal with. Main reason for using you was the price, but the service provided was excellent. I have already recommended you to people."

Laura D -

"By far the most important thing was your company's transparency, honesty and decency. I was overwhelmed with my mother's rapidly progressing terminal illness, and everyone I dealt with at Basic Funerals exemplified customer service and compassion. You did everything exactly when you said you would, there were no hassles or surprises, and your default cremation option was exactly what my mother wanted - no arguing or haggling required. With the benefit of time to reflect, I would have chosen your company for the qualities above even if your prices were comparable to conventional funeral homes'. That your prices were so much better was simply a gift."

Andrej M -

"Initially went on-line looking at quotes and felt better speaking with someone to confirm matters which was a really beneficial as she made good suggestions. Our 15 min time in the chapel was wonderful, the funeral director was compassionate and very helpful. Picking up my father's ashes afterwards, again everyone was so kind and helpful! Can't say enough how great everything was but to just say thank you!"

Annette P -

"Everything was done very respectfully and easy. I had called another place prior and it was a horrible experience. We had to go in and meet them and they tried to make us feel guilty and upsell everything. Everything was done online prior to the death so all that had to be done was call and then go in after to finalize."

Edna L -

"You provided great service and fulfilled every request I made. I probably made some unusual requests such as being notified when my father was picked up. This was handled with ease and charm."

Kim B -

"I had no worries about anything. I am still a bit amazed on how I did not even have to leave the house. Everything was done for me. The paperwork was excellent. All the forms for pension etc. were sent to my home. I would recommend your services to anyone."

Yvonne B -

"We were treated with compassion and respect. You made a stressful time much less stressful with the professional way we were treated."

Patricia W -

"Kind, informative and understanding. Also, no one tried to sell me anything. I was treated like someone had passed away and needed help to make funeral arrangements. I was given the help I needed without feeling like I was being pressed to buy this or upgrade to that. My Mother would have been very pleased that I dealt with you and that you were very respectful while providing a service."

Annie J -

"Low cost, easy to communicate over the internet, no sales to try and get me to buy what I don't need. Kind people and efficient service."

Elizabeth D -

"The services provided by Basic Funerals were excellent and far exceeded my expectations. We decided on cremation and a family gathering at a later date. There was absolutely no difference in the kindness and professionalism we previously experienced by other funeral homes at an incredibly lower fee for the exact same service."

Donna M -

"They were very professional, friendly, respectful. The way dad's body was handled made it much easier for us to bear. Someone always responded very quickly to my questions and there was no impatience with our changes. at the visitation the funeral director went out of his way to help a lost guest find us."

Karen A -

"Very professional and respectful. We also appreciated the follow-up. Although you offer many services besides the basics, there was no pressure on your part for us to buy more."

Norm C -

"Everything was handled very well. I believe Basic Funerals was a good choice for us."

Lynda K -

"From the moment we were contacted by Sasha we felt at ease. This being the first time we have had to make funeral arrangements we had a lot of questions, she answered all of them with confidence and kindness. When my father was received by basic funerals he had some personal effects, you ensured that I received these in a convenient manner. I was incredibly impressed and have since referred basic funerals to a family friend who has also used your services and been impressed! Thank you for professionalism, sympathy and fabulous service."

Christa V -

"Everyone I dealt with on the phone was extremely thoughtful and kind. Everything was well organized and done for me so that I didn't really have to think too much about details."

Donna C -

"During a stressful time dealing with the loss of my mother, I was able to make arrangements from my family room without added stress of driving to facilities. Basic Funerals online was completely devoid of any pressure, and I could easily explore options and see the financial impact of any changes immediately. And I was able to seek input from family before committing. The service was completely dignified, and exactly the same service, at the same chapel as costlier options. I even ordered the flowers through BF and they were absolutely gorgeous! Everything came together beautifully. It was a welcome calm at a time of stress and I highly recommend Basic Funerals without hesitation. And never once did I feel taken advantage of. Please pass along my thanks to Cassandra and team at Basic Funerals."

Lynn D -

"Basic Funerals provided customizable packages, which provided us with exactly what we were looking for. The staff responded promptly and professionally, and I never felt pressured or obligated to avail of any service I didn't want to include. After checking out other funeral homes, I started to feel quite preyed upon just because we were in a vulnerable state of mind - others would start offering services we didn't need, at exorbitant prices. Every little thing started to seem important, so we can show our loved one "how much we love them", while in fact, in the midst of it we've lost the point. It was refreshing that Basic Funerals bared it down to the basics, providing clients with the freedom to customize the package through and easy to use website, and didn't overcharge for services."

Ro K -

"The assistance I received was very professional, thorough and of very high quality. They were clear on showing me my options and what they would cost, and helped me shave off some costs I didn't need. My sister went and viewed the body prior to cremation, and it was very nicely set up. The Urn we ordered was beautiful. All the paperwork was taken care of and we received the death certificates very quickly. I appreciated all the guidance Basic Funerals provided, and would use them again in a second (though I hope I DON'T have to for a while!) :)"

Connie M -

"My father in law died unexpected and had nothing planned as well as not one dollar to his name therefore my husband and I were handling cost. For being what it was everything went smooth and everyone was extremely helpful being I had not any clue what to do. Would and did recommend to everyone I talk to. Can't thank you all enough for such great help not only with service but costs."

Pamela F -

"We have never been involved in making funerals arrangements before but found the entire process was easy, clear cut and very sensitively handled by staff. It was helpful to have details set up beforehand so when the time came and we called you everything was put into place quickly and we had no worries. Thank you."

Sherry W -

"I think the services provided were excellent, the staff was very professional and helpful, courteous and considerate. What I liked most was the fact that you never pushed me to do anything I didn't want and even suggested ways to save money."

Melanie P -

"The night my father past away, we were left scrambling to figure out arrangements. Everywhere we called seemed to charge an arm and a leg for elaborate services he would not have wanted, so we looked online and thankfully found Basic Funerals. They were professional, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process, and gave us the basic cremation my father would have wanted. I hope I never have to use their services again, but if I do, I won't hesitate to call."

Debra H -

"All staff I contacted were polite, empathetic and very genuine. Exactly what one needs at a time of personal loss. Your company provided all the required services quickly and efficiently, AND, at a fraction of the cost of a regular funeral home!"

Colin G -

"I was able to make arrangements well in advance of my mother's passing and when the event occurred everything fell into place easily and I received important documents the next day via courier as I was in a different part of the country. This allowed me to commence the other processes and the kit provided by Basic was very help to deal and guide me with legal matters."

Donald B -

"The services provided were exactly what I required, nothing more and nothing less. There was no "sales" job involved. All required paperwork was sent to me within two days."

Karen H -

"I have to thank and commend your whole team. Everything unfolded so beautifully. I also have to thank you for the quick turn around with the ashes. A long weekend was only a few days away and we thought we might not get the ashes back till the next week. You eased the whole experience for my Mother especially but also the whole family. Thank you."

Allison W -

"Arrangements were easy to make and reasonably priced. There was no pressure to purchase extra unwanted options. It was always easy to reach someone to talk to. All questions were responded to promptly and satisfactorily. The contracted arrangements went very smoothly with no surprises."

Ann M -

"Everyone was so compassionate, caring and understanding. A couple of people even went above and beyond for us. It made such a difference that we were able to get Dad settled. He didn't settle till he had Mom with him."

Kim F -

"It was straight to the point. No fillers or distractions. We got the exact arrangements we wanted and everything was done for us. I deeply appreciated all of the no-obligation preplanned work that was done before we even committed to choosing basic funerals. I was extremely impressed and highly recommend this as the way to go for the funeral needs of friends and family."

Jon S -

"Your services were excellent! It was a very difficult time for our family emotionally and financially and you made it so simple and affordable. There were no hidden fees, the fees quoted remained the same throughout the process."

Paulette S -

"The fast and sensitive communications have helped make this event more bearable, since we had no need to worry about any of the logistics. You kept us informed and took care of everything."

Ian L -

"It was easy to access, I did not feel like I was being taken advantage of and upsold and forced into something I did not want to buy. I liked being able to do a quote ahead of time and the final amount was very close. The person who came first was very nice, straight and polite. A pleasure to deal with everyone at Basic Funerals. Thank you."

Melissa R -

"Difficult tasks at a difficult time were simplified. The end result was a lovely memorial service. Thank you!"

Laura P -

"I liked the compassion, promptness and professionalism of everyone I dealt with. In my dealings with all of your staff it was clear that they were not on a commission basis. I never felt pressured to purchase other than what I requested. The night my husband died at a Hospice your staff arrived there after 1.5 hours and were very professional and unrushed. I was asked whether I would like the Funeral Director to call me that night or the next morning. I appreciated the choice. The next morning the Funeral Director came to my home to finalize the details. I greatly appreciated not having to leave my home. The Funeral Director (Pat) was very professional and immediately put me at ease. He also contacted the Hope Cemetery on my behalf and provided me with information, at my request, about the services Hope Cemetery could provide. I would highly recommend your company to others. Thank you for your help at a very difficult time."

Ann T -

"Very straightforward, helpful and reassuring during a difficult time. Far superior to, and considerably less expensive than, the regular funeral home experience we almost suffered through."

Christine K -

"Every contact, be it by phone, on-line or the information package rec'd was comforting in that it was professional, organized and comprehensive. All contacts were extremely helpful. The process relieved a lot of stress. I have recommended the service to my children and friends."

Sandra D -

"I've never had to make arrangements before and thought it would a daunting task ... it was not. Everything about your service made it easy, not adding any added stress to an already very stressful time."

Sue M -

"Simple, cheap, didn't have to go anywhere, honest, prices are actually listed on website are complete and correct"

Lynne D -

"The service is simple, but options and pricing are clear. There is no pressure to decide. Staff are kind, thoughtful and personable. The ability to pre-arrange a cremation, and activate arrangements with one phone call makes a difference at the time of death. From prior experience with your company with my daughter-in-law's father's cremation less than a year ago, we knew you were dependable."

Michael B -

"Very, very impressed with the entire process from my initial call to inquire through to the cremation. Professional, caring, courteous. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company."

Shelagh R -

"I was out of town during the time of my mother's death and you made it easy for us to have my brother take over for me. We like the price (of course) and the options offered. We plan to take my mother's ashes to a place she loved and because of your low cost options we are able to handle her death in the way all of us want."

Penney P -

"Your service allowed my father-in-law to grieve in his own way while making it easy for me to make the arrangements online and over the phone. We found the "who to contact" information and forms most helpful and received a perfect amount of "proof of death" certificates. Thank you"

Carol P -

"Sincere & caring service. Very professional at relieving the stress of everything. You went beyond and above expectations. A big thank-you to Sasha, David and Cassaundra!"

Regina G -

"This was a very difficult time for me and you took care of everything. All my questions were answered over the phone and all the arrangements were done online, no pressure. Thank you for making it easier at a very emotional time."

Michele Wigram -

"It was wonderful to know you were there to answer any questions and to take care of everything. You made what could have been a nightmare into something so very simple. In a time of great stress, it was so nice to find that all of my husband's final arrangements could be looked after with so little stress on my part. Your service gave me the time and space to concentrate on dealing with my husband's passing rather than being concerned with painful details. Thank you."

Erin E -

"My father passed at home and much like I'm sure a lot of people do, I didn't make prearrangements so when I needed to "make the call" early on a Sunday morning I was both surprised and relieved that I actually got to speak with a director right away. They walked me through everything including the paperwork. The caring and professionalism they provided during such a stressful time was very comforting for me and my family. I also really appreciated the professionalism and sympathy of the two young gentlemen who came to pick my father up."

Don J -

"We liked the availability of the staff who returned emails and phone calls promptly. We liked the cost and being able to fill in the quote ahead of time on the website. Seeing the costs broken down and it is was SIMPLE which is important when we are in stress of my dying father."

Patrizia W -

"Professional and caring and we saved over 50% of your competitors' charges. It used to be that people had few choices, funeral home fees were pretty much the same from home to home. Thank you for the alternative. I will definitely recommend your services in the future."

Maurice L -

"I liked the personal touch of your service. The fact that your representative came to our home, and by the end of our conversation I felt pleased that all the arrangements were going to be taken care of. It alleviated much of the stress of the situation."

Lisa W -

"everyone who worked at the service starting with answering the phones to assisting on the floor we thought it was so fantastic we had a good friend of ours post your cards in his flower shop ,at such a great time of sorrow I applaud your staff in how much they helped with everything explaining everything step by step I would recommend your place of business to everyone I know and don't know ,thank you very much you are angels. thank you all so very much"

Sherry S -

"I liked the ease and timeliness with which the arrangements could be made, the straightforwardness and honesty of your company, Your website really laid out all of the options very clearly and made it easy to select the appropriate services we personally required. It was wonderful not having to leave our home to make the arrangements and undergo a certain amount of pressure from other funeral providers to purchase things that we really did not require. I wish your business many wonderful years of success as this type of business is long overdue."

Donna F -

"I liked that your staff answered my questions and responded quickly to my emails and concerns. I've never had to handle funeral arrangements before, and you made everything very simple and well planned out for me. Thank you!"

Gail W -

"During such a stressful time the staff made everything so easy. They were very friendly, compassionate while remaining professional. I don't know what we would have done especially when everyone is not thinking clearly and had never experienced this before. All the documents were provided with copies and procedures to follow. Very easy and a staff member was available if required."

Gerry M -

"To the point, courteous, helpful, and no pressure."

Christopher Y -

"During such a difficult time, it was a relief to deal with your services because everything was very quick and easy."

Heather R -

"I liked that I could complete the online estimator so I knew what kind of cost I was looking at before I committed to something. I also appreciated that the price I got was the actual price I paid and that I wasn't pressured or oversold on anything that I wanted without being made to feel cheap. I appreciated that the staff was responsive to my needs and made suggestions and didn't tell me I "had" to buy this or that. I really liked the facilities that the Funeral Director suggested to me and that they were very experienced and friendly. The location was exactly as it was represented on the website. The little touches that were suggested were exactly as I would have wanted them even if I had more money to do the service through a "traditional" funeral home and at a fraction of the cost. I really appreciated the fact that the funeral director listened to me before making recommendations and did everything within the timelines that she said she would do them. All of the staff acted with the utmost discretion and professionalism which was very welcomed given how hard a time we were going through. I have told many people already about your services and will continue to do so."

Terri H -

"This was the first time I had to arrange a service and had no clue. Your website was fantastic - it made the whole process so simple yet dignified. And pricing was far better than the traditional approach. The celebrant was excellent. I know if needed, I wouldn't hesitate to use your service again or recommend it to friends in need. Thank you"

John P -

"It was very simple and I was able to be prepared for our impending loss. It was great comfort to just make 1 phone call and I didn't have to worry about anything else. Thank-you."

Tammy M -

"Highly professional service. No attempt at upselling. Extremely pleasant to deal with. Looked after all necessary details."

Scott S -

"I was 100% happy with the service your staff provided to me right from the first phone call to the last transaction. I can't think of any suggestions that would have made your service any better."

John F -

"Pretty much everything - your staff are absolutely wonderful; available, kind, considerate, informative, thorough and detailed. In today's world it isn't often that you actually get a person on the other end of the line when you call. Actually getting to speak with someone without having to leave messages, etc. helped make a difficult time that much easier. Keep up the GREAT service."

Gloria F -

"I found the entire experience to be easy. Staff was very kind, respectful, approachable and responsive. A special thank you to David Wolf, Sasha and Angie for all their help."

Sylvia C -

"I was very confused and upset when I contacted you, not knowing what to do. I found comfort that I had made the right choice, and there was always someone there to help me with my choices. I felt that you were very truthful in your advertising the price that was quoted was the real price, I had only been through one funeral before this, but unfortunately they had taken advantage of our grieving family. Your company will always be highly regarded and recommended to our friends and family in their time of need. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts."

Darlene M -

"It was very professional and caring. When we forgot to give my Mother's outfit to your representative, he had someone make a special trip the next day to pick it up. The Crematorium where we picked up the remains was also very beautiful and comforting."

Michele H -

"Your staff was extremely helpful and responsive to the needs of my family. Being able to do everything from home without any pressure to do things a "certain way" was very much appreciated."

Patricia L -

"The service was excellent - although I had researched online - I made the call from the hospital when my friend was in her last week - the information was taken, my questions all answered promptly."

Mary C -

"Everything...all the people I spoke with were very professional and comforting. Although I did have a problem with the urn part of things you were very quick to resolve the problem and certainly offered many apologies for the mix up. I would highly recommend your services to any friends or family that may be in need. I do plan to pre-arrange my funeral with you as soon as I am financially and emotionally stable enough to do so."

Nancy D -

"I was able to comply with my Aunt's wishes as to how her arrangements were to be made and you undertook them as requested."

Jackie S -

"I was most impressed by the promptness and compassionate nature of all representatives I dealt with from my first call. Also the fact that there was never a 'sales pitch' to purchase more services was greatly appreciated - I have witnessed this behaviour at in person funeral homes and it makes the family feel like it's about sales rather than making best arrangements for their loved one. I would definitely recommend Basic Funerals and use their services again."

Karoline Z -

"I liked everything about your service, it was a huge relief to discover your service as I was in a state of shock and lost about what to do, you took that away from me and gave me comfort and peace of mind when I needed it most."

Peter K -

"I liked the option to meet in person. Some of us do not feel ready to make arrangements for cremation via internet or fax. I really needed the human connection for the passing of my father. It was reassuring and I could address questions on the spot. It need only be a brief meeting to feel reassured."

Patricia B -

"My mother's specific wishes were to have a cost effective funeral with a minimum of fuss. Your service provided exactly that with complete flexibility and the added benefit of allowing me to build a casket for my Mom. This may not have been the absolute cheapest way to go but it provided me with a way to give her a final measure of love and care by building something of utmost intimacy and utility with my own two hands. Mom was always appreciative of things I made and this final effort would please her as it pleased me to do it. Thank you again."

Cliff S -

"Thank you for all your guidance throughout our sad time. It has been so comforting for us to know that all the details of my mother's cremation have been so caringly handled. It has been an easy transition for us, no distractions only results."

Christine W

"Eric was very professional, and the arrangements were made quickly and efficiently. He returned calls promptly. He was compassionate. I felt my mother was in good hands. He never tried to sell me things I didn't want or need. Overall, great service."

Anne C

"They were amazing. Simple, easy and low cost. Everything my family needed. Our family received thoughtful and caring service at a fair price. They made the process as easy as possible for us."

Dennis B

"As per usual I left any plans concerning my mom's death till the last minute assuming I would never have to deal with this issue. When she became quite ill my husband found Basic Funerals on the web. After a quick 5 minute phone call and a couple of emails everything was arranged. They handled this emotional time with such simplicity and ease. I was extremely impressed with their service and can definitely recommend Basic Funerals. Thanks again."

Kathy S

"Everything was wonderful. It is nice to see that people can be real when another is hurting from a death of a loved one. It is so frustrating that people get rich off of grief. This is a service that allows a person to think about their loved ones and not about paperwork and where to come up with money to pay for everything. Thank you very much."

Karla G

"Everything was handled quickly and professionally. We were always able to speak to a person if needed and emails were answered promptly. Most important, the actual Cremation Ceremony was performed in a Crematorium very close to our home. The staff were friendly and accommodating. At a difficult time, Basic Funerals made it easier to deal with. Thank you."

Prodyot G

"I appreciate the service you provided and the way in which you provided it. You are providing a terrific service and doing it well."

Kelsey G

"It was stress free, professional and complete."

Heather S

"Eric was fabulous in helping personalize the funeral so that it was an enjoyable experience. He was very empathic and caring and helped us arrange something that was a celebration of life instead of a funeral. Honestly, the level of customer service I received was excellent and surpassed my expectations, especially for a basic funeral. Unfortunately, I have had a bad experience with different Funeral Homes and their lack of respect because I wanted something simple and different."

Chris N

"Fast, quick and easy. The fact that I could do everything over the phone and net made it comfortable. I really didn't want to have to go down to a funeral home when my family needed me at home following the death of my mother in-law."

April T

"Inexpensive, uncomplicated. Staff are friendly and easy to talk to. I was also able to make all the arrangements ahead of time, while my husband was dying - which allowed him to have a say in his cremation."

Brigitte D

"Compared to most, quite reasonable."

Aza G

"Many thanks for all your help with my dad's funeral arrangements, Basic Funerals has made our lives so much less complicated and I would recommend your services to all my friends and family."

Janet K

"Your people are extremely straightforward to work with, and the speed and simplicity of making the transfer and cremation arrangements was of great relief at an otherwise difficult time. Lastly, but not insignificantly, your service was also much less expensive than other providers."

Peter B

"Thanks so much for everything. You and your staff have made a difficult time seem less stressful. Just knowing that my mother-in-laws cremation arrangements were in your capable hands was reassuring to our entire family. Thanks for everything."

Debby P

"I would use your services again and gladly recommend you to all of my friends."

James F

"Always put the feelings of the family first and willing to take the time to answer any questions. Very empathetic during an extremely stressful and highly emotional time."

Sue S

"Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Reasonable prices, and a focus on making things easier and more convenient for clients."

Charlie S

"You made our difficult time easy. Thank you so much. Compassionate people and an extremely fair price. More of the seniors should know about this service rather than spending mega bucks on funerals!!"

Doris M

"I wish to take the opportunity to thank both Dave and Suzie for their efficiency, sensitivity and kindness as I pre-planned my mother-in- laws cremation. The process was very straightforward and easy and all of the details were accomplished by a couple of phone calls and faxes. Funeral homes want you to come in person to discuss options which takes time away from your loved one when time is so precious. The cost at a funeral home is exorbitant as they wish to sway you from choosing a direct disposition. BasicCremations.com provided compassionate service at a lower cost and did not sacrifice the dignity and care we expected during this emotional time."

Mark N

"Quick and easy to call and start the cremation process."

Rich H

"I really appreciated that I did not have to go and identify the body at the funeral home (which is what another funeral home told me I would have to do.) After having been with my Mom so much before, which was very important, I think it would have been even more heart wrenching. Thanks."

Nancy B

"Your website made doing business with Basic Funerals an easy decision. Through several e-mails and telephone calls I talked to 3 of your staff. They were all very professional, helpful and efficient. Your prices were good and well itemized. No one tried to upsell me. I would recommend your service to anyone."

Joseph G

"Easy, no nonsense, no upsell, etc."

Will V

"Your service was very easy to use."

Mark J

"We were very surprised to find that you have so many different choices available so that we could choose what we wanted and didn't have to include services that we didn't want. It was such a relief that nothing was complicated. The fact that you responded so quickly to our call, with answers to all of our questions, at a time when it is so difficult to do so many things that you aren't familiar with was extremely helpful."

Rachel G

"Seamless customer service, attention to detail and professionalism made me one very satisfied client."

Gabe S

"Your people are extremely straightforward to work with, and the speed and simplicity of making the transfer and cremation arrangements was of great relief at an otherwise difficult time. Lastly but not insignificantly your service was also much less expensive than other providers in the Guelph area."

Patrick P

"You provide the appropriate service at a very reasonable price, without taking advantage of your client's emotional state."

Andrew H

"ease of use."

John D

"I found your service kind, comforting, helpful, knowledgeable, A +. I knew that everything would be handled so professionally and there was nothing to worry about."

Heather K

"Your staff that I spoke with - Angie and Eric - were both very helpful, respectful and friendly."

Rich J

"Sasha was not just an order taker but acted as a consultant on many aspects. We needed that. For example, she sourced 3 different locations for the reception and recommended one which we went with. It was amazing (Discovery Centre) and best value for our money. Sasha seemed to be available all the time - not just core hours. She was back to us as soon as anyone could be with answers. I have already recommended your company to someone who attended who was impressed with the entire management of the day. The clergyman you selected fit our needs. He concentrated on my Dad and not on religious aspects. He studied the material that I gave him to the point that it appeared that he knew my father for years. The co-ordination of services between Bayview Cemetery and your organization were excellent. Next time we need this service in the family, we will be calling you again."

Caroline G

"Didn't feel as though we were being taken advantage of at this difficult time."

Jess G

"Not having to pay for it right away... accommodation of customer needs."

Francis M

"You did what you said you would do in a timely fashion, and for the price you quoted. Your staff were helpful, respectful, and acted honourably."

Sharon A

"Quick and efficient, no pressure sales, excellent service."

Sam D

"Prompt, courteous and thorough."

Gord M

"I appreciated the easy manner with which it was dealt with. The fact that in the difficult time you did all the arrangements and pick-up and delivery for me. I felt much more at ease and comforted knowing that the most difficult part was handled for me and at a very reasonable affordable price. Thank you so much. "

Shelly V

"Thank you so much for being the person you are. This job of yours requires some very special abilities which I can see in you. You made this as easy as it could be. May you have a bright future and be the comfort and calm in many other bereaved situations where you will no doubt find yourself. "

Peter F

"You and your staff were very informative and understanding. You were easy to speak to at a time when it is very hard to keep your thoughts together. "

Barb M

"Fast, efficient, professional- no sales pitch. "

Lydia C

"Professional, efficient, good value (not overpriced as many are), personable staff. Made this task much more comfortable and easy to manage. "

Edmond S

"It was totally seamless. From our first call until all the formalities were completed, we were completely awed by the level of professionalism , follow ups, feed backs, options provided and the empathy extended to us. A very special thank you to Angie , who at such a young age carries herself in such a caring , sympathetic way and at the same time carries out her difficult task with such maturity. She helped us carry out a very tragic event for us in a very dignified manner. The rest of the staff were also very approachable and friendly. Please keep up the good work and God Bless. "

Ashley T

"Angie Boyce, was an extraordinary help in this difficult task. We all thank her again."

Ludo B

"Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate your kind and gentle manner during such a difficult time. Words cannot express how grateful my family is to you. It was absolutely perfect. Wouldn't change anything! Losing my Mom was so very difficult and everyone was so kind and caring. I dreaded making the call to make the arrangements, but was instantly surprised by how I was made to feel comfortable and taken care of. There are no words to express how grateful I am for the kindness of the staff during such a trying time. Many thanks."

Kathy S

"I just wanted to thank Angie for all her help. I was dreading making the call (for cremation services), but she made this a very simple and pain-free process. On behalf of myself and my family at this difficult time, I cannot thank her enough. Please tell her boss I said she deserves a big hug, a fat raise, and a giant bouquet of flowers delivered to her desk at least once a month."

Sally M

"Eric was a delight to work with, his sincere attitude helped me and my family through our hard times. Your staff were very respectful and polite. Unfortunately, I was in a state of mind that I only remember Eric's name. The lady that was in charge with Eric was also very comforting. Overall, being my first experience arranging for my late and dear father's funeral everything went smoothly. My Father looked great and in peace. Thank you."

Martina C

"I will never forget the kindness you and your staff have."

Anne M

"You made a difficult time easier. Quick responses and ability to exchange information and forms by e-mail was a big plus. Funeral homes charge twice as much for essentially the same service."

Jamie S

"We really appreciated being able to make appropriate arrangements without being overwhelmed with unnecessary decisions. Your service was straightforward, dignified and respectful. We also appreciated the option of Beechwood Crematorium - it was a peaceful and beautiful setting."

Janice V

"Thank you for your great services and sympathetic ear. I appreciate your help to keep costs down, and to provide me with the guidance I needed. I'd recommend you to others if the opportunity arises."

Jamie B

"We were very happy with your service and wouldn't change a thing. Our family made comment later about how easy it was to make the arrangements with your staff both on the phone and by e-mail. It was such a difficult unexpected time for us and you helped to coordinate the handling of our Dad in the most professional and comforting way. Our family really appreciated the ease of making the arrangements from the comforts of our home. We found the costs appropriate with what we could afford and still maintaining a very high level of dignity and professionalism. Our family concurred that we would use your services again when that time came. Thank-you for being there for us."

Danielle M

"I was pleased that our calls were answered so promptly and respectfully. There were no hidden costs and no attempts to inflate the cremation process. It was exactly as the family wished my mother to be cremated. I highly commend you for providing such a service. Thank-you for being there for us."

Jamie T

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the professional way that you handled everything for me and my family. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone."

Doris D

"Easy, fast, uncomplicated and can be done from the comfort of your own home."

Tom S

"All the information was spelled out on-line, but it really helped to speak to Dave Laemers directly to go through the steps with in person. Very helpful. Thanks again Dave."

Stephen K

"You allowed us to be in control as much as we wanted to and there was no pressure to upgrade" if we did not wish to. You were also very patient waiting for our father's insurance funeral coverage to remit payment. Thank you.""

Monica D

"I liked that it was less expensive without feeling cheap. The site does not look like a discount store. the approach made it feel like you were sympathetic to the expenses that we have to take on at a time like this."

Martha G

"The level of responsiveness I experienced is unsurpassed by any other professional experience I've encountered in recent history."

Cassie M

"Fast quick and easy. The fact that I could do everything over the phone and net made it comfortable. I really didn't want to have to go down to a funeral home when my family needed me at home following the death of my mother in-law."

Alice C

"Having never arranged a funeral, I was a little uncertain about using your services versus a typical funeral home. Having used your service, I would say my experience was to my complete satisfaction and appreciation. I felt that you were sympathetic to my situation, I found you were trustworthy, sensitive, professional, and worked towards my needs and benefit. I would completely refer you to others."

Nick R

"Dave Laemers could not have been more helpful and kind. Things were made as easy for us as possible during this time. Your help in letting pick up the ashes and pay later was also very helpful. "

Sandy J

"The ease and compassion that accompanied the emails. I felt that as I dialogued with Angie and Maggie via the internet, when I met these two wonderful women, it was as if we had known each other for years."

Maggie N

"My husband had heard about you and went on the web to find out. We were at the nursing home where my mother just died at the time. It may have come at the suggestion of the nursing home or my husband may have remembered the name out of his head. There was no push to sell anything, which I really liked but if you asked, they had the answers and suggestions."

Anne L

"The staff made the process easy and comfortable at a very difficult time."

John T

"Professional, courteous, efficient, convenient. Surpassed all my expectations. Very satisfied."

Angie N

"I cannot say enough about the amazing service that I received from Basic Funerals when my mum passed away recently. I had looked at their packages on the internet, but had not yet pre-paid or booked anything. The day came and I contacted them and they did everything over the phone and came and got my mother. They made the process very easy, much easier than what I thought I was going to have to go through. Every single person I dealt with was extremely efficient and compassionate. All matters were managed quickly, easily, correctly and very economically. I would highly recommend their services."

Davina J

How we listen

It is also important to understand that we are always listening to our customers and every family that Basic Funerals serves receives a feedback form. We are fortunate that many of the families we serve take the time to fill out our feedback form not only for the great testimonials they write, but through this it has helped make us the most professional, attentive, and socially responsible funeral provider in the world while providing the highest level of customer service.